91 General CC request

by Justbeenwarpzoned

92 Super Mario/Mega Man Mashup

by QuietMind

93 Overall Opinions...

by qitano

99 9-bit glitch hop

by Kalle-ftw

102 New to Genre and would like CC

by YellerYeller


by Ashichan

106 Potential Album

by Sonus Silver

108 Does it miss the punch?

by BreakSilence_

109 Is this track too long-winded?

by Sonus Silver

113 CC on a track

by Sonus Silver

114 new to chiptune, cc appreciated

by eggmmuffin888

115 CC My first Song (Famitracker)

by KriptonDiablo

116 CC Please! WIP Organya Song

by ShinigamiMachine

118 First chiptune, CC please

by saltfish