91 3scape th3 bo55

by HI5KI

95 General CC request

by Justbeenwarpzoned

96 Super Mario/Mega Man Mashup

by QuietMind

97 Overall Opinions...

by qitano

103 9-bit glitch hop

by Kalle-ftw

106 New to Genre and would like CC

by YellerYeller


by Ashichan

110 Potential Album

by Sonus Silver

112 Does it miss the punch?

by BreakSilence_

113 Is this track too long-winded?

by Sonus Silver

117 CC on a track

by Sonus Silver

118 new to chiptune, cc appreciated

by eggmmuffin888

119 CC My first Song (Famitracker)

by KriptonDiablo

120 CC Please! WIP Organya Song

by ShinigamiMachine