92 chiptune critique


94 CC on two LSDJ Tracks

by qbnut

95 Closed: All Hail The Mustache - Chiptune Metal!!!

by All Hail The Mustache

96 Just put a short song up

by lucasnoah

99 Some new mods and remakes

by adrdesign

102 New PxTone Track, Feedback Appreciated!

by ShinigamiMachine

104 some old LSDj demos...

by jbuonacc

105 Facebook Song (atari arpeggios)

by Pizzaface2000

106 My 2013 Demo!

by Doomczar

108 An Ambient Track CC

by ShinigamiMachine

112 First LSDJ song. Feedback please!

by ShinigamiMachine

113 My first tracks

by J3wel

116 Advice on live set (software/hardware)

by PleaseLoseBattle

120 Any Beginner LSDJ Feedback Please!

by Panda Chan ( Pages 1 2 )