Made a new tracker. Works in browsers (desktop builds coming).

The goal:

* cut all the fat from the "tracker" and see what is the minimal possible "tracker"
* no instruments, macros instead. instrument "settings" are set from the macro instead of instrument parameters
* the "synth" is just a wavetable with 256 predefined one-cycle waveforms with various timbres
* there are no more than 4 channels, that was enough in 1991 and should be enough in 2016
* the simplicity and limitations will give extra inspiration and unexpected results

There is a longer manifesto but it's a bit weird.

Some tips:

* key shortcuts are very close to Protracker: right side modifiers play the song, F3/F4 copy and paste track, enter/backspace to play current row etc.
* explore the waveforms, there are 256 of them so at least one should sound nice
* very fast play rate (150+ Hz) helps if you have to do stuff on two separate rows in the macro
* you can put effects in the note column by holding down shift
* if you can't fit everything on one row (trigger note, set volume, set macro) try to set some params before triggering the note
* there is no vibrato, instead create a macro for that and use 1xx and 2xx

You can also easily share the tunes:

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Looks cool, I'm checking it out now. Might be worth noting that this is probably better in Firefox, since Ctrl+N (new song) just opens a new window in Chrome and doesn't clear the song.

It's fun and works well. Only problem was I couldn't save afterward because I couldn't figure out how to get text entry to work...

CTRL+S and just start typing the name and hit return. Or, F7 and when you come back on the page it will continue from the same state.

In the editor, ESC until e.g. the macro name field is lit and press return to start entering text.

CTRL+N is the only shortcut I didn't check, makes sense they made it impossible to override. I will add an alternative way to access that!

OK, I have fixed most of those issues and added a share feature (i.e. get a link to your tune for posting on Twitter or whatever).

Hi Komet! Thats cute little tracker! Will you make standalone too?
For Win, Linux? Looks like ideal tracker for portable rpi with LCD...

Thanks! Yeah, standalone builds will follow. I have it already running on my PocketCHIP.

Nice! Can you make screenshots??? I have portable pi. And I will buy chip maybe...


I need to fix the layout to use the 480x272 resolution on the 'CHIP but otherwise it's quite usable (well, as usable as anything on that keyboard... I love that thing to pieces but the keyboard is quite horrible). I also want to make it usable with a gamepad at some point.

Somehow the Pocketchip slipped under my radar and the webshop states Q1 2017 as the next possible delivery date. sad But as soon, as it'll become available again, I'll order one straight away for this tracker. heart

Amazing heart

that's very cool!

So, I just scored a PocketChip at ebay for little over 100€ (Couldn't wait).

Is there a possibility for me to compile the tracker or get the binaries for the system. Since it's just a Debian, it shouldn't be a problem to compile by myself.

I might not find a lot of time, since the revision party is at bay and I still have tons of work for it to do Probably no klystrack entry though sad At least at some more chilled shifts at the infodesk this will be looked at a lot.