Hey, unfortunately I dont have anymore units left sad If it would get enough interest I could make a new batch. Send me those PMs!

PS: I posted the sources HERE so you can always try to make one yourself smile

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Hey, I just want you guys to know that the adapters are ready to go ;)

It fits into the user port

The adapter lets defmon output:
-LSDJ sync signal
-nanoloop sync signal
-midi clock
-din sync
-clock signal with adjustable resolution from 24ppqn to 2ppqn for Korg Volcas, TE Pocket Operators, Arturia Microbrute, MI Anushri etc

It should also work with Prophet64

Price with worldwide postage: 36EUR

I will post the sources in about a week if anybody is interested

where are i can buy this adapter?i can paid with paypal or bank transfer?many thanks,best regards

I added a little section on the defMON wiki about the little known "Super Command" mode of defMON:

It is very brief, but it may at least give a little hint about how the Super Command mode works.

Please note that people who use Super Commands have been denied entrance.

Someone should add DUBCRT to the creations page - since there would be no DUBCRT without defMON smile

I added DUBCRT now!