I've just tested with your code, and same as you, the pitch is perfect, with my tuner (on my phone) it's around -2 and +2 cents.

Thanks again.

So I've had mine for quite some time and haven't got around to setting it up. I'm not sure if I ever will with all my projects going on, so I feel I should sell it.

Is anyone here interested?

The device itself is not expensive at all (30 € if I remember well), and you can get great sounds with it (it's also easy to use)

You're making really cool classical music, I'm sure this ym2151 shield would make a good addition. I'm sure you'll regret to sell it.

I'm not going to get any sound out of it unless I solder a MIDI port to it first, which I don't have the knowledge or patience for.

a late answer, but I've just remembered I forgot to answer to this one... You don't need to solder a real midi port, just scavenge an old midi cable and you can do something with that...