anamangaguchi is v pure so good boys they are my precious cinnamon roll sons who can do no harm ilu luke ary james peter heart heart heart

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Nice stuff!

sieken is now known as kouhai

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also YZYX (tracks 6-13)

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You'd probably like Pandastar!
Most of his stuff is entirely 1x or 2x LSDJ, though there's a few tracks (i.e. Battle of the Angles, Paperplanes) that aren't entirely chip

I'd also recommend old Shirobon, and Henry Homesweet (not sure if his stuff is "purist" or even entirely chiptune however)

Kkrusty, Aquellex, and Kommisar are also great, though not quite the same style,

(bonus reccomendation: E.G.R./Abandoned on Fire, and Hypnogram. Both artists really push the sound design capabilities, though their musicla styles may not appeal to you)

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Cool! This is turning out to be a better thread than I thought!

Still haven't had chance to make it through all of these, but I *do* have a checklist where I've compiled everyone's suggestions! Thanks!

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sieken is now known as kouhai