im putting some ym2612 stuff here

there is more on my YT channel.
17-titles musicrom also at  > https://www.sendspace.com/file/1ftmpt
what do you think?

Very nice! Sounds like real game music. Great to hear someone else doing YM2612 music! I also make music in Deflemask and play it live from two Sega Mega Drives. Do you play your music on real hardware too? Looking forward to hearing more!

heh thanks. i dont have any real hardware, i've come to ym2612 because a friend needed muzac for a game and i had too much free time smile i was hooked with the sound of the good ol'megadrive, very underestimated and polyvalent as a music device (psg,fm & pcm at once, waaa). it can sound very different than the average 90's videogame cliché and also loud as $%§ (which is a good thing), me gusta!

btw i like your stuff too !

really liking ymstep+
strong vibes.