My next album, "The Life and Times of Whiskers Mahone", is coming out on Cheapbeats very soon. … hone-cb065


The last 8tr album, "To the stars" will be released on octobre, 31st, via Bandcamp.

My superduper special EP "Rampant" is to be released November 12th 2016 on Bandcamp. woo!


EDIT: clarify date because I'm simple like that.

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Hello there! This is the main song of the soundtrack I've made for a video game:

The songs is made using PNES on FL Studio 10. Hope you like it!

Ahoy. just uploaded this new release today. 4 on the floor dance vibes made with a gb+LSDJ. Check it out here if ya like:

Hi! Here is a track from my new work the "Lizardmen Realm" album that will be release soon! … re-lagarto

The album is going to have a "8-bit ish" style and will narrate some situations and places of that world. All instrumental.

Hope you like it!