Alright, I see you point. To be honest, I´m all in for a new batch of Scannerboy´s sync interface considering it´s capabilities to sync so many other gear that doesn´t use midi. Just trying to find a midi sync solution until or if he will ever do a new batch. *fingers crossed* . How many were made in the first batch?

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Its really cool to hear that a new batch *might* happen!! Does anyone know how things are going?
Speaking of the software itself, defMON, did it die out or will there one day be a new version? (I have read both "No", and "Maybe" on various places on the web). I tried to register on the wiki by the way, but the defMON-wiki pw did not land in my inbox.

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defMON isn't actively developed, but I wouldn't necessarily say that it is dead. You may still see occasional bug fixes and possibly still some additions of features though I don't make promises.

See PM about the wiki registration.

I hear the Alien Group Voice Box speech synthesis update is on the way smile

Hey, I just want to clear things up.
Im currently moving to another city so right now Im too busy to work on the adapters.
Maybe later this year when things calm down and there will be enough interest I can start working on a new batch.


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