It’s back! Along with nitro2k01, we produced the first ever LSDj-based cartridge album back in 2014. A compilation of eerie tunes released on Halloween. It is made in a dedicated homebrew cartridge, using all new parts, and built from the ground up.

These cartridges require a considerable amount of time to produce, so we’re getting a head start on Heebie-GBs this year so that we can have cartridges in hand on Halloween day.


   Send us over your portfolio, or a sample of your work to We will review your past work and proceed from there. If  accepted, please send us over any of your art/logo assets for us to work with.
   We may ask for adjustments made to songs if we feel there is a need for improvement. Please be prepared for that before submitting your work.
   We do not like to operate on a "spec-work" basis, but If you do not have a portfolio, or if we were not able to accept you for this release, you are still more than welcome to submit a song. Although, out of many submissions done this way for our previous release, only one was ultimately accepted.


   Songs must be newly composed in LSDj. No previously released work or covers, please.
   Songs must adhere to the halloween theme of the album
   You may submit more than one song
   Submissions are due June 2017. This deadline may be extended if we believe they can be produced in time.


   All contributors will receive a free limited edition variant, as well a fixed amount via PayPal for each accepted song.

Emailed! wink

I'm a bit confused. Am I sending a portfolio of songs that you want to select from? Or is the portfolio just so you know what kind of tunes I make and then I would create a new song after you decide you like it?

We are looking for songs that are newly composed for this compilation. We are asking for a portfolio or similar to be able judge your composition style. The reason being, since this is paid work, we prefer to discuss the details before the artists starts working on a song, to avoid a situation where the artist works for many hours on something that we ultimately can't accept. As Apeshit mentioned in the original post, you're still welcome to submit a song for the compilation without this step, but with the risk that it's not accepted for the compilation.

Haven't had an opportunity to reply to those that reached out just yet, but so far everything sounds great. I'll be getting in contact soon. Thanks!