Hello all! I, SailodeGrenn, return from the depths of creativity to bring you an awesome new progressive chipmusic album called Oceans of Dreams and Darkness. This album is very intense and carries deep emotions from my inner being. It represents a change in my life so powerful that it turns everything I know on it's heels and flips it upside down. This album is about diving deep within yourself and seeing the truth inside instead of what you project as the truth. There's a lot of anger. A lot of anxiety. And even more discovery than City of Forgotten Time. But it all leads up into a crazy finale that will have you begging for more if you're super into my stuff. Speaking of the finale, it's got major Ambient, DnB, and Glitch influences; so it will definitely scratch the hell out of that itch if you've got it.

This album represents a big change that happened in my life a while ago. I had to basically shut the door on my mother's side of my family (her included) for my own mental health. It was a really hard thing to deal with but it's been a year and I'm glad I did it. This album shows the struggles I went through as well as the catharsis of realizing it's for the better; hence the ending.

As far as technical stuff goes, this is the first album that I've used VOPM in and I have to say; it's really a good piece of kit. This album is a transitional one tech wise; featuring the start of my using VOPM and engineering the sort of sounds I want to get from the synth.

Regarding musical development, I feel I've made major strides by embracing alternate styles than my usual stuff. I'm particularly proud of a sea shanty sort of thing and of course the finale. I've also embraced arpeggios more in the later half of the album. Finally, I've found a place for some really old patterns from my middle and high school days that didn't really fit anywhere before. That song is naturally very difficult for me to listen to due to the emotional connection I have with those patterns. Back then was a very rough time of my life that I'd care not to relive.

This album was being co-developed with another album, The Power of Tojhiro Forest, and is considered the prequel to that album. TPoTF signifies the rise from the fall of OoDD. The light and the dark. Story wise OoDD is it's own thing, technically. But there's no denying that TPoTF is a mirror for OoDD.

Aside from that stuff, there's not much else to say that isn't documented elsewhere. I'll probably figure out where to post the actual development logs at a later date.

This album is upcoming. The music itself is arranged, half is mastered and exported, and the rest is on the way. Looking at a May or June launch. Depends on how much free time I have to work on stuff. I also have to make the artwork at some point. For the record, this album has been in the works since the launch of Light Dimension, one of my non-chipmusic albums, in January 2017.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll bring updates as replies to this post as time goes on. Thanks for reading!

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SketchMan3 wrote:


It's not released yet, but you can follow the progress in it's Twitter moment, located here: https://twitter.com/i/moments/818764236939673602 until I figure out how I want to do the actual development updates here.

Huh, okay. Cool. So this is a hype thread. My brain must've derped @ upcoming. Looking forward to it. Sounds like it'll be intense.

This sub-forum is for actual release announcements. We have an "upcoming releases" thread for posts like these.

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