That's great! I would be very interested by more info about this.
Also, do you think it would be possible to have SID Wizard as slave?


yeah it's awesome big_smile ! Wait for sound videos to come 8] haha

To your question: it is almost impossible to have a C64 tracker like SID-Wizard, or DEFMON as slave. When it should have "good" accuracy it's impossible. That is for technical reasons: on the C64 the sound creation is timed usually via the raster interrupt, and sound is produced while the screen is updated. Each advancement from screen to screen a line in a table (ie arps, filter, pulsewidth) can be handled. Also note on/off etc. happen at specific positions on the screen. (On multispeed tunes you have more than 1 interrupt at a screen). It is done this way because "that's how you do it on a C64",
(to do various things "simultaneously") and for the player routine to be able to be used in demos, games, anything else, what is typically raster timed. The music being played should not stop the game/demo while it produces sound. So it's moved in the screen buildup process. So any note can only start on a fixed (assuming 50Hz) 20ms slot - to begin with. Everything else happens in multiples of that time.
That's also the reason for the timing / BPM tables you find in the SID-Wizard documentation.

When in the process of building up the screen, you can't always check for a sync signal. But I can think of a player/tracker that uses another source of a sync. Like LSDJ then this tracker can not do anything else then. I can also think of hacking a player like that .... hmmmm ... maybe one that can handle SID-Wizard tunes .... but that would be quite a project wink !

So, not in the near future imho will there be a C64 tracker you can sync (properly) as slave to anything external. Not even talking about midi. But DEFMON should be more easy to "convert" imho. But I don't have the sources big_smile - if I have time I can try to reverse engineer the player routine and give it a try.

But I am more than happy I must say to have this SID-Wizard sync now, it solves almost all my problems big_smile

cheers, M64