Update 5/25/2017


It's a USB Arduinoboy! It's literally the exact same thing as an Arduinoboy, but it does MIDI over USB instead of DIN MIDI. Plug it into any computer and it will show up as a USB MIDI device for in and out. True to it's name, it's seriously teensy! It's even wrapped in a nice plastic shell for protection.

For an overview and review, check out Mage and Thief's review: http://mageandthief.com/post/1602343685 … yboyreview

For more information and purchasing, go to http://catskullelectronics.com


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Okay, I will build you one. Send me an email: bro at catskull dawt net


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How complete is this project? I could totally build you one, but I'm not totally sure how complete the project is.

The compo was featured on Sega Nerds today!

http://www.seganerds.com/2017/05/15/a-m … is-august/


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I could never super get into the straight chipthrash stuff, but I really like this stuff!


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infradead called the number, it appears to be legit


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Idk man, a juno email address, the estate sale, the story. I want to believe.

How can he be the apex twins if there's only one of him?


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Just merged your docs into my repo. Thanks peter!

Matej wrote:

And Catskull and others can I make free DJ show/gig after summer in one hipster coffee in my town???

Yo, shoot me an email at bro at catskull dot net and we'll figure it out, I'd imagine that would be fine though.

Jazzmarazz wrote:

Whoa whoa whoa. Did I hear that this works with scummvm?

It's shows up as a usb midi device so I don't see why it wouldn't? Super tempted as well!

Well you could use the mGB mods that change the midi channels, so you could have up to three. Though I'm imagining a giant wall of gameboy drones which would be amazing.

This would probably work with an Arduinoboy to tempo sync multiple LSDJs to midi clock or send mGB data to multiple units. Someone correct me if I'm wrong! Also, could you Daisy chain them?

unexpectedbowtie wrote:

Pretty cool!

Am I correct in thinking the DMG-07 multiplayer adaptor thing wouldn't be able to achieve this? If not, how come?

Basically you have to gut it and just connect all the link ports together. Since the communication only goes from one Gameboy to the other 3, nothing goes back. All the processing to do multiple input/output isn't necessary.


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Here's a thing I had an issue with a while back: http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/18845 … wo-shades/

Note where I cut the traces. Make sure you're not having the same issue.


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4mat wrote:

What the heck does that even mean?  It's not just changing some colours on the vblank mate, there is a lot of very cycle-specific stuff going on between the code, the music and the sid reads.

He's saying HE is in denial, not you guys. Basically he's just saying he really wants a cart and thinks the whole thing is super cool (as do I) so responding that way comes across kind of mean IMO.