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Are you interested more in the authentic sounds, or using authentic hardware?

I'm also a total noob here as well (kind of 'discovered' it all just before Christmas), and have equally had lots of fun learning about history and usage etc. (which to an older male here feels kind of bizarre that I didn't get into it at the time!).

I'm going down the gameboy and LSDJ tracker route - purely because it's watching a Chipzel set that inspired me, because I like the idea of making full-blown composition with a 26 year old toy, and because I'm enjoying fixing and modding 'retired' gameboys!

Good luck and I hope you find something that really suits you and inspires you! Thanks to others for software suggestions here - I'd never heard of Deflemask!

EDIT: Wow, how does one end up being quoted at the top of the website?! lol


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This is nice to read.

From a newbie's perspective (i.e. mine) it seems though that chiptune's heydey was about 2010-13. From then it's just died out. The number of broken links that are 'go-to sources' is insane and most forum posts seem from that time (across all boards). So some 're-cultivation' might be needed in order for the jungle to not creep back in (nice and poignant analogy OP).

Is it just me or is that a fair account? interested to hear other's viewpoints.


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BennVenn has got a run of SD carts coming in - they are the best carts bar none to get.

DJ Transformer has some EMS carts in.

Don't buy an Everdrive - doesn't work with LSDJ properly.

Re: supply - from what I can tell there are only 1/2 people who make flashcarts that work with LSDJ, and other people just sell them.


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If you flash it to a gba cart you'll need to faff around with emulators to get it to run.

If you flash it to a gbc or gb cart then the gba will treat it as a 'native' go/gbc cart and it will run on all systems (incl. gb/gbc). Hope that helps.

PMed also.

How do you get those lovely string sounds?


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Thanks, didn't see reply till now.

Hasn't been happening after the first couple of days or so, so I can't really say what's happened, or what changed!

But I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I need to tape up my contacts a bit next time to avoid shorts.


Cool! This is turning out to be a better thread than I thought!

Still haven't had chance to make it through all of these, but I *do* have a checklist where I've compiled everyone's suggestions! Thanks!


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Hi there,

Installed my first backlight yesterday, and was playing through Gargoyle's Quest (big game from my childhood!) when the DMG random crashed to a blank screen with a single horizontal pixel line.

Product I installed was from Deadpan Robot: http://www.deadpanrobot.co.uk/en-gb/col … oy-mods-uk

Now I'm aware that some people in the past have had trouble with installing resistors (or not), but these have resistors built in.

Could it be another issue that's causing this? I also had a problem with Pokemon Cock version pre-backlight, but since that's a hack and a chinese knock-off I put it down to that.



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Apeshit wrote:

Sticky greasy mark... I'd have to see it. Can't imagine what that would be. You should always start with the least destructive solutions and work your way up. As a rule of thumb, acetone has no place anywhere near a Gameboy. Case in point:

Seen that pic before. Was that you sometime or someone else?


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Apeshit wrote:
NullSlept wrote:

apeshit i tried to use acetone like u said............my gameboy is FUXKED UP now............im, so upset now i dont know what im, going to do when i play my show i dont have enuff money for another whole GAME BOY........

Are you sure it was 100% acetone and didn't contain any harmful solvents, such as water?


Yeah, yeah, I know. I feel stupid!

But hey - for the price of 3 beers I learned something and I now have a spare DMG to practice mods on before doing it on a decent case...silver linings and all that...


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You did, and I am very grateful. It didn't work, and hen I found out that acetone was the most stupid thing I could do. Ce la vie.

By the way, it wasn't dust is was some sticky greasy mark. I'm not sure what else I. Could use on the LCD screen itself. What would I do next time?

Thanks for your help anyway!

herr_prof wrote:

I know IAYD used lots of kits. The default kits could be a lot better if someone took some time to remaster them IMO.

Also more bad news:

Yeah I know. I found and interview that VICE did with him online and he said he was moving on from pure 100% chiptune. Don't blame him. It's just not what I'm interested in at the moment.


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...actually, LCD still works. Just very smudgy on the front screen.

Might be okay?


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Ah okay. But still, it's quite a major command to rule it out for lsdj use!


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