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is so,

but i wnt 2 make my OWN vids & time them with the music right????????
so how 2 do i would start that frm square 1?

hey boys does ne1 kno if j arthur keenes is single????????????
just curiuos i dont actully like him i,m just asking 4 1 of my freinds definately not 4 me!!!!!!! do,nt tell him i asked if u know him
thx u

-from nullslept heart

ps rly its not me asking even tho hes kinda RLY cute................hes defiantly not my type!!!!!!!!!!! just asking for a freind.

are any of u actully going 2 help me or like what

i,m not a troll i actully wnt 2 learn this shit


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apeshift i bet your the kind of jerk who tells ppl to delete system42 on the're computer


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apeshit i tried to use acetone like u said............my gameboy is FUXKED UP now............im, so upset now i dont know what im, going to do when i play my show i dont have enuff money for another whole GAME BOY........

anamangaguchi is v pure so good boys they are my precious cinnamon roll sons who can do no harm ilu luke ary james peter heart heart heart

HEY EVERYBODY i''m new my name is NULLSLEPT!
ive been practicing lsdj a lot sense i got my cartrige like a cpl weeks ago and i think im probsly ready to play my 1st show but i want to have cool visuals projected behind me just like chibi tech!!! i have NO IDEA how to start to do that tho!??? my bf can do stuff like LIGHTWAL and GLITCHINES but they arent as COOL as if it were like CHIBI TECHS preformances! can ne1 give me a tutoral on how to do cool vizzes???
thx thx thx

-from nullslept