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I actually couldn't get my PS3 to work, but my 8bitdo snes pad works fine.


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Yea It has USB and Bluetooth


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right pitch bend is global for all notes per channel. a way around this is having each finger send on a different channel (midi guitars work this way) and then your synth will have to respond to omni or those channels, and maybe ignore the older bends?


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I prefer it as a home desktop thing since the built in buttons slow down my composing. Its great sitting as the head of a rig of synths though big_smile


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yea I never used a go either, but ive never seen a go for $30 like a broken psp-1000 goes for big_smile


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Protip:find a psp with broken umd slot. You don't need it.

Talk to the freqfest and dataport people!

a: thats what program change banks are for:
https://www.mutools.com/info/docs/mulab … anges.html

That being said, native instruments absynth has a nice way to filter massive amounts of presets using the meta data:

I would suggest a combo of both, where banks are like 1-128 Bass , 1-128 Leads etc and program changes or filter search loads or filters

The korg volca sync should work with anything that supports volca sync. They work fine with mine!

Did you see this?

Did you also enable SYNC on the ableton midi out settings?

Me ok

also if that playing chain's groove is set to 1/1 it will be even snappier.


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To me, fakebit is making chiptune but with vsts. Post chip is making OTHER GENRE MUSIC with chip references.


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The funny thing is the first 15-20 8bitpeoples releases were all postmo chip stuff made on vsts, and only went pure chipstyle when the tools and the artist became connected to that scene.