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that po-12 case is the best.


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No he mostly releases EPs

Do you have to recompile psp homebrew to work on it?

I know IAYD used lots of kits. The default kits could be a lot better if someone took some time to remaster them IMO.

Also more bad news:


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Thanks again gents!


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I wore this hat today in honor of catskulls necro post

Hate to tell you guy but

they should take it back for any reason. Ive heard of new smell but maybe it "doesnt work" the next time you try to return.

Yea works fine on my kindle.

Yea I got it installed, but couldnt run the piggy eboot hmm.

I realized the other day I can sideload PPSSPP on my iPhone to a unjailbroken device, but I cant get piggy to work. Has anyone gotten it working?


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yup want one.


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Maybe try reflashing the latest firmware? http://little-scale.blogspot.com.au/201 … mware.html

Can you run it off a powered hub?

The link i provided gets more into detail about various other things that dont work either.

ez flash is a gba card. LSDJ is for the original gameboy systems, so if you run it, youll be emulating it using a tool like goomba.


gorgeous as always!