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Really pleased to say that we now have this release out on cassette tape:

https://blog.cowtonguetaco.com/2017/06/ … phobia-ep/

You can grab a copy here:

http://cowtonguetaco.tictail.com/produc … ophobia-ep



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In the interests of transparency, posting here to note that the package finally arrived today. The DMG looks great, and the paint job is as good as expected - exactly why I bought it in the first place. It's just a shame it was such a pain to get this resolved. Communication was utterly painful, even before the messages that didn't come through in May. Either way, I'm glad that this can finally be put to bed - so won't be checking back on this thread.


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nanode wrote:

He's clearly trying to do *something* to make him look bad.

Nope. I just want the item I paid for back in December 2016.


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nanode wrote:

love how you ignored the last 2 pages of this thread again.

No. My point, which you seem completely blind to, is that I only got a response from Josh (both the first, and second time which didn't appear in Facebook for whatever reason) 4 and 5 months after I bought the item, when I posted here. This should have been resolved way before then.

I'm not replying any longer as there is nothing else to say until the package arrives. I wish I'd never bought the stupid thing in the first place, as it's been nothing but a miserable experience trying to get this resolved.


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nanode wrote:

Ok I did some math, let's put this scam theory to the test.

Sigh. The logic there doesn't make any sense. If it was a scam, the item would obviously never have been real, and so the profit would be 100%. (FWIW, the one I bought wasn't biverted, as I specifically asked about that.)

Again, since you don't seem to be grasping the point: I paid for the item. It never arrived. Josh said he would look into it, and then the communication dried up. I asked multiple times for an update and got pretty much totally brushed off. Only when I replied to this topic did he respond. After that, I didn't hear anything again, and he only replied (which I did not receive for whatever reason), weeks and weeks later - when I posted here again.

After not receiving any item, no refund, and then communication drying up completely, it's perfectly valid to assume that you have been scammed.

As it stands, Josh has finally replied and provided tracking info, so again - as far as I am concerned - this matter is done with so long as the item is legit. You're not doing him any favours by dragging this topic back up over and over and drawing attention to the dispute.


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nanode wrote:

strikethrough doesnt work for some reason

You said I mod, which makes this 'even more sus'. I mod electronics following tutorials. I don't paint. Your logic baffles me.


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nanode wrote:
unexpectedbowtie wrote:

What exactly am I supposed to be hiding?

Maybe that you're trying to pull one over on josh by deleting messages and making it seem like he isn't communicative? Maybe you're hiding the first gay boy and trying to get a second one out of him? Maybe you're just being a dick? Who knows at this point.

I truly wish I had the time to create an elaborate scheme just to get two painted Game Boys. I mod my own, so don't ever bother buying any from other modders. I just thought that Josh's paint job on that shell was pretty awesome, so decided to give it a punt. Won't be doing so again. smile


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nanode wrote:

It's clear you're hiding something.

What exactly am I supposed to be hiding?


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nanode wrote:

you're just repeating yourself, and you're choosing what and what not to respond to at this point. It's clear you're hiding something.

nanode wrote:

inb4 buyer posts photos of empty box with a note saying "fuck you"

I'm repeating myself because you are making accusations about things that I have already responded to.

Don't worry. I'll video the great unboxing of the package, since apparently images can't be trusted.


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nanode wrote:

I get that's not something you necessarily want to hear but if you hit him up I'm sure he can explain. I don't want to discuss what he may or may not want to be public.

I already did message him, numerous times - across the period of five months, and I was always understanding. It got beyond a joke though. I'm not trying to make anything 'look good'. I paid for something, it never turned up, and despite committing to sorting it out a few times, I still heard nothing back from Josh. When I got pissed off, then the messages apparently stopped appearing, and only then did he do something about it.

I'm sorry if that explanation isn't good enough for you, but it really doesn't matter at this point. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to have gained out of this whole episode. I'd rather not spend my time chasing up someone to send me something I paid for.

Tracking info has been posted. That's the end of story, so long as it actually arrives fine. I don't have any reason to doubt that it will be fine when it does. I just want the item I bought, and I'm annoyed that it's become this big deal. Continually dragging this thread up isn't doing anybody any favours.


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nanode wrote:

He did try to fix the situation. He sent you a second gameboy. If anything that should be signal enough that he has only but the best intentions. He's put more money into this than what he's gotten out.

More than five months after I paid, and only after I repeatedly chased him up for an answer. That's the whole point. Not sure how many times I have to repeat that.


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nanode wrote:
Josh-Shmosh wrote:

Again, you can delete messeges on facebook messenger and the other person who sent them can still see them (dm'd a few friends as an example, I've cropped out their names for privacy)...
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … sp=sharing

Sigh, make up your mind. One minute I've faked the code in my browser; next minute I've deleted the messages on my phone. Clearly nothing I say is going to be good enough for you. Even if there was an issue with the last few messages, the fact is that Josh did nothing to fix the situation for more than 5 months, and only after I posted on here for the second time.


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nanode wrote:

He did though, he sent you 2 DMs (as pictured by the screenshots he posted) over facebook with the tracking number. He's been communicative as possible given the circumstances he's been in as of late, and it's not his fault if he did really send them and facebook just never patched it through to you.

He sent those messages more than 5 months after I paid for the item, and only after I kicked up a fuss here. Hardly communicative, even if the last few messages did legitimately go missing.

I dunno, just seeing that along with this weird discrepency between a mobile screenshot of dms with desktop cropped screenshots

Okay, since the issue is that I screenshotted off a desktop instead of a phone, here are mobile screenshots, taken about 5 minutes ago:

especially with less than 10% of the funds going to charity (50p out of 6GBP)

Yes, because as I said, I did this to try and get some of the cash back that I lost. In order to recoup the cost of the DMG, and the cost of the pins, I have to make at least £290. In any event, it might be less than 10% going to charity, but how much of the Game Boy sale went to charity? About 0% - so not sure criticising in that area makes much sense.


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nanode wrote:

I would like to propose, to finally clear this all up, to be PM'd the tracking so that a 3rd party can verify it was indeed shipped. I will post screenshots that dont reveal personal info. Something is *clearly* sus on the buyer side of things, and I'm surprised nobody else is seeing this.

I've never disputed that something has now been posted out. I'm not sure why Josh had an issue with posting the tracking info here, but I don't:


The issue has always been about Josh's lack of communication and concern for the fact that he sold something and didn't follow up for months when it didn't turn up. Like I said, I'll post when it arrives fine. As far as I'm concerned, that will be the matter closed.


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nanode wrote:

Thought it was pretty funny that this item that bears a striking resemblance to the GB (which I have seen in person multiple times) which was posted on the same day you started complaining about the lost GB
https://tictail.com/s/pinnedandfabulous … oy-6111412

Also pretty funny how the contact email for the same seller includes your first/middle initials and last name. Plus it's located in the same city as you.

It's not that funny. The reason the email is the same is because it is me. I haven't tried to hide that at all. I've actively promoted it under my name all over the place, so it's hardly a revelation. When I realised that I wasn't going to get my cash back from Josh, I decided to release a pin to try and recoup my losses, and to raise a bit of money for an LGBTQ charity at the same time. Josh doesn't sell pins, nor does he own the rights to the rainbow flag or the Game Boy design, so not sure what you think you have discovered here.

As for the actual DMG, I received a customs notice today to pay import tax for the item, which I've done. We'll see what sort of condition it appears in when it arrives on Monday. If it appears fine, then I'll gladly post pictures here and update.

I've been through worse.

The fact that other people have treated you shittilly in the past doesn't justify other shitty behaviour. That's a bizarre argument.


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One of the benefits of the MIDI arduinoboy is that you can record each channel separately, clocked to the DAW - which means you have greater control over the mix. I do it this way, and my recordings sound a lot better for it.

That said, you can always record the channels separately without clocking them; as long as they aren't too long the drift in time won't be that bad. Or of course, just record the whole 4 channels at once. Have a play about and see what works. The more experience you have recording the DMG, the better - so it won't be lost effort smile