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Double post.


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Not sure what program you're using, but this video got me off the ground when I had no idea where to start with composition.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8IsqsW … Pk7sZZwSRA

Lay down a quick and dirty beat, get a little melody going, and then tweak your instrument settings.  Something quick like this, might make for a nice starting point.

The best colors for good contrast are either green or yellow because they make the blue lcds look closer to black.  Probably going to grab a yellow one from HHL soon because I like how crisp it looks, and it reminds me of the stock look.

I had the exact same problem with a blue backlight way back in the day.  Even made a big long post about it, but I think that was on 8bc.  The lcd crystals are blue, so I think that had something to do with it.  I've never seen anyone use a blue light in person, so I was never able to confirm it on someone else's DMG.


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Sounds like a short, but I'm not sure.  I get that sometimes when I'm testing a new back light and i accidentally touch the wrong spot on the board, or touch the two boards together in the wrong way.


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Man, that case you posted would make for an awesome Super Meat Boy if you painted it right.

defensem3ch wrote:

shameless plug http://soundcloud.com/defensem3ch

Nice stuff!


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Very happy birthday to you man!

Also, post up your music when you make it!

Check out Star Fighter Dreams, Broken Satellite and IAYD.  They are some great Texas chip artists.


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Maybe you could put a little piece of a toothpick or something between the glass and the plastic mounting frame to correct it somewhat.  Mine's a little off as well, but after a little while, it stopped bothering me.

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The MOUKI link sends me to an adult dating site? Anyone else coming across this?

Same here.

Loving these tracks!


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herr_prof wrote:

Chip music like punk offers the chance to express musical ideas without very much time invested in ability.

I think this hits the nail on the head.  You have a lot of cases where people go to a chip show and are inspired enough to get into it themselves, and the barrier is pretty low.  You get a lot of scrappy expression that way, which may contribute to the punkiness you're referring to.

How do you get around the button combos on retroarch pulling up menus?


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Really enjoying it!  I'm probably misunderstanding things here, but since it has 3 channels on the cart, would it ever be possible to also use the gameboys native channels as well?