[EDIT: Musician found! Thanks for reading!]

Hi there,

I'm making The Lair, a dark fantasy beat'em up for the PICO-8 (which is made up console with a built-in tracker). Think Golden Axe meets Castlevania. It looks like this:

I'm hoping to find a musician willing to help me with the sountrack. Since PICO-8 is a machine with 8-bit-like audio capabilities, I figured this forum might be a good place to look.

- 3 short tracks would be needed - title, battle score, final boss battle
- the vibe I'm looking for is something reminiscent of old Castlevania titles - upbeat but with dark undertones
- the song would have to be done on the PICO-8, which has a built-in tracker - I'm willing to buy you a license if you're really interested and don't have one already
- the whole thing will be released as "pay what you want" on itch.io and other places. I'm willing to share revenue, but realistically it won't be much.
- no specific deadline

Please post in the topic if interested, or contact me directly at wasyl@wasyl.eu, if you prefer.

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It looks very nice!

Ahhh awesome stuff! i would love to jump on this!

I started working in pico 8 a month ago, teach me every thing about coding! The music space is severly limited so i had to reuse drum loops to save space as 4 channel music can take up a lot of patterns, i also use 3rd 5th 7th chords or delays on the first channel so if a soundeffect cuts it off the music would not sound to interuppted.

If you want to hear some of my pico 8 music ports from my group projects with delfemask, send me a message! I would live to help you out since i can work around pico 8 limatations!

Im drexegar but my music name is gxscchater

Dude that looks fucking great. Cant wait for my Pocketchip to arrive. Keep us posted when you finish the game

Looks awesome! Can't wait to play!

I too would love to contribute... Dunno if ur happy to have multiple people working on this or not!

Hey guys, thanks for the kind words and the willingness to contribute! Like the edit at the top says, I've already found somebody, and I'd like to see how that works out (sings are positive) smile.

Still, it's flattering that so many people are interested - I honestly wasn't expecting that. I'll keep you all in mind for future projects for sure smile.

Will keep you posted when the beta for the game is released. You can also keep track of it on Twitter (http://twitter.com/krajzeg), I tweet about how the game is going regularly.

Krajzega, how difficult are you findin pico8 code? i havent coded since the 90's and im worried it wont be as easy as they put it

As far as I'm concerned, it is as advertised - Lua is a simple language to grok, and you can get a lot of stuff up very quickly with the built-in tools around it (sprites, maps, built-in tracker). I'm finding it refreshingly fun to code for smile.

This looks super nice. Good job!

I'd love to pitch in for music and sounds, but I never used the pico8 tracker. Are the development tools free? Or can you share your license? Anyways.. here's some of my crappy music, see if you like it: https://n00bstar.bandcamp.com/