DUBCRT is finally released on DataDoor records - details!

It’s finally out! DUBCRT is a music album, interactive light synthesizer and remix-gadget released as a Commodore 64 cartridge. It holds 8 songs by Goto80 with inter-reactive PETSCII-visuals coded by 4mat, with graphics made by iLKke. Get it on Bandcamp!

The hardware cart unfortunately sold out in 2 hours (!) but the audio version is still available - and a fresh batch of cartridges will appear later in the year smile

Bandcamp - https://datadoor.bandcamp.com/album/dubcrt
Goto80 DUBCRT defMON jam - https://youtu.be/qUe0_FTSz30

Sold out!
PAL only!

It's PAL only because tweaking it for NTSC would likely result in the music and visuals playing differently. (fractional timing on a vblank player that can run 5x a frame and uses incredibly precise waveform changes in the instruments, coupled with visuals tied to sid reads running on a free timer)

As the music is the main focus I decided to leave it as it was.    I'll be interested if anyone 'cracks' it and does an NTSC patch though.

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Okay... So it looks like I've missed the opportunity to get my hands on the CRT release. To whom may I sell my soul and my car and my house to even get the chance of receiving burnable .crt or maybe even some beta/author-side real DUBCRTs? Anders80? iLKKe? Four-mat? Baby Jesus?