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and the latest ones even support letsencrypt which would be free

jefftheworld wrote:

You don't need to purchase an SSL cert if you are using Let's Encrypt.

Not all heros wear a cape, we appreciate you

Such sass for no reason. I was just reiterating that you can get a free let's encrypt cert even if your host does not directly support it.

The way that you word it makes it seem that you need to purchase an SSL cert if you choose to manually install it.

jefftheworld wrote:

Such sass for no reason.

Sorry, i was only joking, reading back now i see my retort wasnt funny, and I know you're simply helping out, and I should have made it clear I meant free as in 'you wont have to pay for anything if you use letsencrypt' specifically

Anyway, Lets Encrypt being automatically setup by the cpanel wizard is the ideal solution, but this is only available in newer cpanel versions. I believe when added manually, there's another step in setting up the automagic renewal of the certificate which is yearly, I've not done this myself before since ive only used paid-for godaddy certs

Google is tightening up its policies on SSL, but Lets Encrypt seems to still be fine for now, and it makes sense for to use it considering the DIY nature of the place

Firefox is now warning users of any non-secure login.