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catskull wrote:

Well you could use the mGB mods that change the midi channels, so you could have up to three. Though I'm imagining a giant wall of gameboy drones which would be amazing.

Yea but the source midi would still be the fixed channels. Arduinoboy can only send up to max 4 channels, no matter what downstream splitter you have.

If you made an active splitter that could transpose the channels, like the midi solutions devices do, then sure you can control more than four devices BUT STILL ONLY FOUR CHANNELS OF UNIQUE NOTES at a time.

should work with nanoloop usb midi adapter though.. i have a modded dmg-07, can test that combo as long as someone reminds me later

cyberic wrote:
herr_prof wrote:

Lsdj master works like  "your reverse map"
https://github.com/trash80/Arduinoboy#l … row-number
Youd have to grab the midi note and convert it to row position in your sequencer app, but its really handy for triggering for example an ableton live scene on live row trigger.

Does it send a midi note on each row number, while playing ?
I thought it was only sending the first row number when you pressed start...

Oh yea you might be right, its only on song start maybe?

herr_prof wrote:

Oh yea you might be right, its only on song start maybe?

I think so unfortunately. I couldn't convince Johan to send the row number for each row ;-(