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stupid photos of goats, my idiot friends and dodgy dj setups.

Hey guys. Im now VEXLING on instagram.

Side note: im trying to get to 500 followers. If you could share my stuff thatd be awesome. Its the first place i post my mods and random gameboy pics. When I get to 500 followers I will be choosing one person at random to make a custom gameboy case modded anyway they want. I will cover all costs including shipping to anywhere. So if you like Gameboys or nintendo in general follow me and share!

ps: i also post pics of my cats and my lady...so if you like cats and sexy women with big boobs theres even more incentive to follow me lol.

Pps: you will not be seeing nudes of my lady..so dream on..there will however be plenty of nudes of my cats..so yay!..naked cats! Lol

I just started another Instagram account for my GameBoy/modding pics,