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We Are Nocturnal (LSDJ!) / Music / *E's music / We Are Nocturnal (LSDJ!)

We Are Nocturnal (LSDJ!)

By *E on May 8, 2010 5:56 am

*E - We Are Nocturnal ..... WAN is a LSDJ project I made for myself a month ago. I decided after my generic "My First LSDJ" song I would spend time and make something in a creative way that still kept to my style. For those who don't know, I like songs that move. I often do not incorporate various elements that other musicians find essential (verses, choruses, etc.) because I find it limiting and also boring for the listener. I worked on WAN only at the dead of night, after spending a tiring day at school. When I finally was ready to go to sleep I would bust out the Gameboy and start composing We Are Nocturnal. I would make most of the song in a half trance-sleep because of the weight of the day whispering in my ear to go to bed. The following morning would be fun for me because I got to listen to what my mind and ears made at night, I was simply the fingers pressing the buttons in a sense. So without further ado, go ahead, listen to We Are Nocturnal and (hopefully!) enjoy. CC is always welcome, recorded 100% LSDJ wink TIME: 3:23

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Good stuff here, from the 2 minute mark onward its got a very enchanting quality. Some of the transitions could be smoother, but it's a pretty solid track.

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