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Космическая станция / Music / µB's music / Космическая станция

Космическая станция

By µB on Apr 25, 2012 11:56 am

Playing around with an old VST effect that adds SW radio static and filters the input accordingly. Love that stuff smile

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I've been away from chipmusic for a while and just came back to "catch up". This is really stunning, truly a floating dreamscape. Your VST works really well here, too. smile

really gentle and sweet, i like how the instruments subtly emerge and disappear like passing clouds

Great. Thank you for sharing, food for the soul.. Still as inspired as when I first heard Pleiadians. We are all hookers, pimps or aliens. Continue to blend in this realm & carry on positively.

Hey man, thanks! Coming from you that means a lot, I adore your music. Yeah, I've hit a pretty massive slump, so I wasn't too active recently. Seems to get better now, though.

Missed your stuff man, sweet production as always, and those wispy leads are very soulful; almost like a panflute in nature.

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