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By µB on Oct 2, 2010 4:06 am

dunno. Is it still chip? Aside from the drum loops I only used lo-fi waves, although I put a bunch of effects and EQ on the two basseses (C64 samples). The rest is 4bit, even 1bit for the melody lead- still, sounds like more. If someone thinks it doesn't belong here, tell me. I'm never sure if I cross the edge of fakebit in my attempts to try new stuff tongue

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cool track! do some neurochip smile))

ha i was listing to the platinum breakz II metalheadz compilation the other day. 90s yay!

Great song! Got me in the mood for some aphex.... gonna listen to come to daddy now.

wow, when it really dropped i was just like holy shit, it's great

as for whether it's chip, i think it's kind of up to you, or akira :3


lol im not even going to pretend like i know what your talking about
im so noob sad

The intro drums are a nod to the Metalheadz era of DnB,  a certain J-Majik track in particular. smile

I like intro but when you bring in the drums they should really HIT HARD. thats how i like it anyway.

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