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Starport Patrol

By µB on Jul 4, 2010 5:26 pm

More Beepola. Veeblefetzer was a shuffle, which makes low channel music sound much fuller, so I wanted to try a straight beat. I aimed for shmup style music, not sure I succeeded. Secret ninja techniques on how to make straight two-channel music sound fuller appreciated.


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I like


Nice! Contrary to irrlichtproject, I reckon this would suit a shmup nicely. smile I like 1-bit drums sounds too.

oh, and in general: ARPS ARPS ARPS!

nice one, though a bit slow for a schmup... generally i think phaser1 is not so much suited for straight beats because the interrupting nature of the drums becomes more obvious, with odd/shuffled beats it sounds more like it's intended that way. but if you absolutely want to make a straight beat then my advice would be to compose at max speed (16) and use mostly off-beat basslines. gives you the chance to jump octaves more often and squeeze in more secondary melodies.

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