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Rite Now

Rite Now

By 10k on Dec 22, 2010 10:18 am

This is a pre-master version of a track that went on to become a 5" single ( It was recorded by my cousin Jess and mixed by yours truly. There is a "making of" video on youtube as well (

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Best Chiptune Eva.

Discovered this today because of that thread. Really awesome!

10k heart

fuck yeah 10k, this tune is bad!!!

It is really nice to hear nice things from people I really respect. :-)

Man, what you're doing with gameboy and music is so innovative/original and awesome. Another thing I really appreciate about your music is that it's so well produced/mixed. The levels of the vocals paired with the game-boy is perfect. You must record everything separate, no?... I also appreciate your amazing synthesis and original sounds (that's not an easy thing to do on the Game Boy (love the usage of kits btw). anyhow, I sound like a 13 year old fan girl; I'm older than that.... Anyhow, keep writing sweet shit and pushing the limits, man.

Heavy, yo. I like.

I will just copy and paste my comment from the 8bc page:

Fuck! This is really amazing! I can't recall a chip musician I've been more excited about in a great long while. This track feels a lot different than previous releases and hope that you keep moving in this direction. On my 3rd consecutive listen. So sick!

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