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Don't touch my speed tables / Music / 4mat's music / Don't touch my speed tables

Don't touch my speed tables

By 4mat on Jan 13, 2013 12:08 am

by 4mat and jellica  (1xC64/3xSID)

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Thoroughly enjoyed this :-)

acid steven

written while being chased by a duck

Oh man, superb little tune. Thanks for the 3 x SID goodness. I think it could have done with a little more variation in the drums, perhaps some fills or breaks. I love your tags too, you hipsters. tongue

It's stuck in my head now.

Great. :-)

yes, it's playing back in realtime, two sound drivers (stereo and mono sid) every vblank.

Really nice. Is this actually 1x C64 with 3x SIDS? Is such a thing possible? cool

Love it so much when the chords come in, even if they are a bit loud

... is pretty cool. nice sounds, vibe, bass lines etc. In my opinion the pads at 1:00 are too loud.

I think it

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