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Rotten Pulp Inside

By 8-Bit-Rex on Mar 19, 2011 8:06 pm

1xLSDJ, 1xGBC.

Raw LSDJ.  Glitchy like a mother fucker.  Ridiculously many crazy sounds.  Kickin' rad melody towards the end.

Basically a powerful glitch assault.

PS:  There's some stuff I need to fix.   I pushed my GBC too hard so it dropped notes here and there, but most I'm sure are hard to notice unless I'm the one listening. Just throwing this up for CC (Really...lay it on me...I think I've found the direction I want to continue in so I want a ton of CC on this one) as I'll be tidying up all my songs/reworking some completely, soon. 

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Awesome bit is awesome...but I'm sure you knew that

This is wycked!  Really fantastic work!

What I think it needs is a heavy kick drum to anchor it.  Like a hard triangle kick on the wav channel.  Whatever you end up doing, I look forward to the end result.

haha...thanks, Shitbird.  If you like this next composition is turning out to be even more ridiculous...

yeeah!!bitch smack that little console like its a red headed step child. this is good stuff, man.

Yeah thanks for the input.  I'll probably double up the wave channel growly/crunchy I have in there after altering it a little bit so it doesn't get that weaker sound LSDJ gets when you play the same type of sound together. 

I say whatever makes it sound best to you, don't worry about "raw lsdj" too much. Though if you do want to keep it 4 channels, a wav bass is the best unce factor imo. Maybe try to work around that channel? This song with that kind of momentum would def. get me going.

That means so much to me coming from you, Kommisar, I really enjoy your stuff.  I tried adding a bit of extra bass in post-production but it was rubbing me the wrong way for some reason.  I may add a third pulse channel recording to get some extra bass.  I've also been messing around with some of my guitar pedals   my gameboy color and holy shit I've gotten some ridiculously dark sounds through the wave channel.  Since I'm working on an EP I'll probably be saving the effects for that, but I'm torn whether I want raw LSDJ or not.

This sounds sick. With some heavy bass this would be insane.

Yeah gotcha...I thought about that after I posted my response haha.

i was talking about even if your gb was droppin notes.. still sounds rad.

Haha...well I purposefully made all the glitches so I laughed when you said "even with all the glitches"...but thanks I appreciate it!

this is really great. even with the glitches. well done d00d.

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