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Session 8-Bit

By 8-Bit-Rex on Feb 13, 2011 11:02 pm

1xLSDJ on emulator.  Another one of my songs from a month or two ago.  I more or less was experimenting to make creepy sounds and moods along with more obscure sounds as well.  I sampled Session 9 (one of my favorite movies...psychological's incredible) a bunch of times, and while I know shear amount of time playing samples in this song probably detracts from it a bit,but I like it and the entire song really does fit the movies style very well.  So...success!  CC encouraged and enjoy!

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@OROBORONON:  Considering the movie I took inspiration from...that's probably the best praise I could have gotten haha.

this song is crazy!

Love it! It's pretty creepy!I'm researching Session 9 right now. It sound creepy! lol Downloaded! Keep it up!

This is brilliant.
Some really great sounds in there, I like the samples too!

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