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Short Haired Robots

By 8-Bit-Rex on Feb 10, 2011 12:00 am

LSDJ on and emulator.  I made this one a couple weeks before the last one I posted up here (got my LSDJ cart so I'm finally done with an emulator).  I Used some Resident Evil 4 FX mixed into it in Audacity to get some of the sounds I wanted.  They're pretty tough to hear if you're not looking for them with the exception of a couple.  I'm deviating a bit from my usual industrial sounding stuff for a little while just to experiment more with LSDJ so keep a lookout.  CC encouraged as always.  Enjoy!

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Robot scissors

How'd you get their hair so short?!

I LIKE THIS A LOT. i mean, if CC, i guess there could be more spastic,  faster parts, but that's just the thrash side of my brain talking. GREAT STUFFF MAN!  get that cert, hell yeah.. need any kits?

I'm imagining kinda like robot jarheads marching to the beat of this song, shooting lasers out of their eyes and destroying giant tanks and stuff! big_smile Awesome song! Keep it up!

I like this.. .

Definitely keep experimenting with LSDJ.

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