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Slip Crimp

Slip Crimp

By 8-Bit-Rex on Feb 8, 2011 1:47 am

My first using an actual gameboy and not an emulator.  Upped the bass a bit in Audacity for the groovy bit in the middle, but other than that it's raw.  CC encouraged as always!

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I like these tunes quite a bit.

sick stuff 8br!!

Im digging this, Definitely like the diversity this has in it. Ill watch for future releases

I originally wanted to make this tune into kindof a compilation of a bunch of different chip/electronic styles...I even had a happy hardcore bit written that fit, but then decided I didn't want to ruin the slow bassy bit in the middle with a transitional so off the handle.  Thanks, guys!

Your off to a great start with with your Game Boy.. .This is a fun tune I like how energetic and crazy it is... .look forward to future submissions from you!

I love this song! It's so intense! I'm adding it to my iTunes library  at once! I sent you a PM about an avatar I have made for you! Let me know if you got it! Great job on the Tune!

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