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Fallout in the Wasteland (SID 8580 TND Re-Remix) / Music / 8bitweapon's music / Fallout in the Wasteland (SID 8580 TND Re-Remix)

Fallout in the Wasteland (SID 8580 TND Re-Remix)

By 8bitweapon on Jan 21, 2010 12:17 pm

This is a teaser from our next release "The Silo 64 Soundtrack". Silo 64 is a 2 player simultaneous action shooter game we developed for the c64. Richard Bayliss of the T.N.D. demo group remixed our original track as a C64 sid tune. We recorded his sid version off an sid 8580 chip weilding german c64 and re-remixed it further. Hope you enjoy it!

For more info on the game or to play a free rom see

You can also get the ecomony ep for $2.99 at

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this is fantastic big_smile it has the same sort of intensity as hubbard's commando especially the six note descending parts get the same feeling as the neat skippy three note descending part in commando. yay!


What are typical traits of Richards tunes? The old skool rave riffs like at 1:05 are from the original. You can hear it on the silo 64 site. I am a sucker for classic rave riffs. This tune was made around 1998 and re-vamped for the soundtrack. Thank you for the comments!

I can definitely hear this in a game. Nice track. ;D

Oh no, the game is a SEUCK game D:
Typical Richard again big_smile

Oh, typical Richard DMC stuff.

rave. you guys are at your best when you space out.

Haven't heard the original or the sid-version, but I liked this. My favourite part was when the drums kick in for the first time, very groovy. Riff which starts at 1:05 or so was kinda boring/heard so many times.  But overall I enjoyed this, and very well mixed too!

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