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Micro Boogie

Micro Boogie

By 8bitweapon on Jan 27, 2010 11:23 pm

This was the 1st tune I made with the midines in 2005. I got the midiness in 2004, but the 1st version was really buggy. By late 2005 many of the bugs had been worked out. The last bug it had for me was notes sticking and not truning off, unless another note was triggered. SO to get around this issue I made a bass line that never stopped (no pauses or breaks ever) and "Micro Boogie" was born! I used sid for the arps in the chorus and a vocoder for vox. Drums are just a old skool style drum machine kit.

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I had that same problem if I remember correctly. If one note is going, and another note is triggered without the first one ending, then the notes will stick after that. I ended up putting in note kill data like a microsecond before each new note trigger, and that seemed to sort it out. So you kinda have to choose between no notes ending and all notes ending... which sucks.
There were also a couple times where it was just plain acting bizarre so I pulled out the cart and blew on it and that fixed it... Oh, Midines. So unpredictable!
Anyways, cool lil' tune!


love the arps


I like the chords in the chorus a lot.

It feels really flat and boring for the most part to be completely honest... I like the arps though.


Oh man this rocks

Dig the lyrics, man smile

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