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Rocktronic Plague

By 8bitweapon on Jun 10, 2010 7:58 pm

We are releasing our 2 player C64 game "Silo 64" and its soundtrack today! We opted for sound FX vs. music in the game so we made a score to accompany the game via cd/mp3 player. The music, like the game, is post nuclear apocalypse in theme. The songs from  a mix of rock guitars, elektro rhythms, electric bass, analogue synths, chip music, and Industrial drums.

As for the game itself, you can play an emulated version free! Check out the game & the rest of the score at

Also get the economy edition of the ep for $1.99 here:

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So well produced and totally pro.

Thanx! There's mroe where that came from on the album big_smile

holy sh.... this is like really rocking head banging style seth! i like it. you weren't kidding, really hardcore. well done man...

just downloaded the ROM -- playing shortly. nice soundtrack.

Yeah, rocks the house!

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