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Water Dream / Music / Alpine's music / Water Dream

Water Dream

By Alpine on Jul 17, 2014 7:46 pm

I guess I kinda of forgot to put this anywhere other than soundcloud (apart from the thread I made for it)

Link to the album it features on:

Modarchive dl link for the .IT:

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Really like this track. Are you still working on it? What I might do, is about half way through add some drums and kind of make it a slow jam track. Kind of a different direction but just a thought.

Thanks for the feedback guys!
@BrotherAndroid I did put more thought in than just random notes haha, but I agree with the instrument voices, I could have done more with the lead to make it stand out.
@Yeah, in hindsight, the high notes are a bit abrasive to say the least (they get worse at higher volumes) and I could have put some vibrato, or even put them down an octave.

Pretty sweet man. I agree with brother android about the lead. I think those high notes carry on a little too long without variation, maybe some effects could lessen their abrasiveness. Everything else is super cool though man.

Kind of a "Dear Prudence" chord progression, wwhich is totally a great thing. I like that there's a bit of dissonance on one of the chords. That high melody just feels like a bunch of random notes, though, and the instrument voices could stand to be more interesting.

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