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Curious About Astronomy / Music / Andy Abstract's music / Curious About Astronomy

Curious About Astronomy

By Andy Abstract on Jul 12, 2014 12:10 am

My most major work of any style, this is 15 short songs in a 22-minute chiptune suite, various tempos and time signatures, but only 4 channels and 11 samples used. Inspired by looking up at the night sky, I wrote a series of riffs on my 2-string bass guitar, and they became either the melody, bass or other section of each of the pieces in the 15 songs. Definitely one of my best ever tracked music pieces. This will eventually appear as one side of a vinyl LP, still trying to get together the funds and organisation to make it happen. The artwork is done and the other side of the LP is done, just need cash, artists, coders and electronics designers to make the show and tour.

Note that playing with anything other than Impulse Tracker may produce unexpected results. The correct replication should be made with Impulse Tracker and a Gravis UltraSound MAX. For example, Audacious doesn't interpret some retrigger and delay effects correctly, making snare rolls sound whack, and cut time bars sound wrong.

Originally released in DF-CURIO.ZIP on the mod archive and on the 1st of October 2003.

See traxinspace for more:

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Hi Monotron & Rat. Thanks for checking it out. I just tested it and it works fine if I press download, and open with Audacious GTK or something like that. Would it be easier if I just uploaded them all as mp3's? I was trying to avoid uploading anything except the original module files as I was trying to stick as close as possible to the concept of chiptunes, making a lot of noise in a tiny amount of bytes.

Idk doesn't have a built in mod player yet

Er, something's broken.

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