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The windy wind / Music / Apricorn's music / The windy wind

The windy wind

By Apricorn on Nov 6, 2010 9:11 am

Is it windy (as in the air)
or is it windy (as in a winding road)

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Member has requested constructive criticism

This wasn't a proper song. This was me using a vst. Go look at my profile over on for most of my songs. My newest one isn't that great...

in continuance with my Apricorn stalking, I certainly also enjoy this song. I think you just need to concentrate on maintaining this style and the interest of the audience for 3-4 minutes to go to the next level.

Thanks smile I didn't really work that much on this tune. It was just a plain drum loop I made and the superwave 8 vst. I wanted to get a little guitar loop I made up down onto my computer.

This is fun. The Moog-y lead sound works. The 'drop' at the one minute mark is effective too. As long as you're going the 'fakebit' route and not really caring about specific parameters, I'd experiment more with dynamic percussive elements. It'd be neat to hear some subtle one off perc sounds that increase in intensity to build it up to that one minute point. Maybe add some 16th or 32nd note stuff after it drops. I don't know.

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