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Blue Planet/ Earthscape/ Eos [LIVE RAW]

By Auxcide on Nov 22, 2012 2:13 am

I've been so caught up in trying to finish these tracks that I've been neglecting my followers, so i decided to just play live and give you a sneak preview of what you're in store for with my next release and just my setup in general.
First 2 songs are from the next album and the last is a bonus; it's from "of Atoms and Stardust"

This is a raw recording straight from my mixer to the computer. It's even complete with a couple mistakes. tongue

Setup: 2xLSDJ on AGS-001s going into a Yamaha MG12/4 mixer out through a Korg Mini Kaoss Pad to line-in. Korg Kaoss Pad 3 is in the fx send1, a Yamaha PSR-500 is playing the keyboard parts, a Korg Electribe ES-1 MKII is providing backup percussion, and a Korg Microkorg is providing the leads. All controlled by a AGS-101 running an arduinoboy LSDJ rom via an arduinoboy.
Recorded in audacity without any effects or editing.

album has no release date as of 11.20.12

tumblr where i show off pics and stuff:




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ooooh mama!

you should be the one starting threads on how to make music interesting. great use of a great set up.

Instant foot-tappers. Nothing wrong with the odd error, either. If it's good enough for Eno... :-)

d'awww thanks guys~

One of the best chip songs I've heard so far!

This song is freakin' sweet. I felt like I was in the middle of an epic journey.

this is friggin awesome

you sexy asshole

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