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Hyperblast (preview)

By B4D-W0LF on Aug 5, 2014 9:27 am

yes 22k sample rate. Only a preview. this is low quality but still harsh!!! tell me what you think?

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oh I could have left the white noise snares in the 2nd half of the second bit , but It's just a preview. 5 more people n I'll delete the song from here.

I actually synthesized that myself. Took a while to find the right plugin searching for nintendo. but when I searched for atari, Well lookie there! Instant! Also using a ps3 atm to type lol, so that's to tell you, I'm trying to see if I could get every possible ounce squeezed out of everything. I need to find ways of doing it with Fruity Loop's 3 Osc so I can also pitch bend up n down higher at an automatic note than 12 at a manual knob turn.

I really like the kind of tearing sound you got at about 0:27.  But the change 0:52 kind of made it feel like I was listening to two different songs that had been hot glued together. I definitely prefer the first half to the second. Maybe try to make it feel more cohesive by either blending the transition more or including some things from the first half in the second.

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