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Strut That Butt (Live) by SHRIMPS / Music / BLEO's music / Strut That Butt (Live) by SHRIMPS

Strut That Butt (Live) by SHRIMPS

By BLEO on Dec 24, 2010 12:43 am

Recorded from our live debut at Pulsewave on December 18, 2010.  Soundboard feed mixed with the audio from one of EMdash's sweet videos.

You need to make a definitive decision right now, baby.

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I've  been strutting since I heard this. Long live it! LONG! LIVE! THE FUCKING FUNK

oh man totally l-tron. the studio version vox are dripping with delays and stuffs. i cut it off but before we played the song i told the audience that the vocals usually have a digital delay on them and i'd appreciate if they helped me simulate them, thus the rad participation heard here. heart

Nice recording quality, funky jam. I love the bass and bouncy synthesis. The vocals sound a little to dry to be honest. Maybe some talk-box, or distortion, reverb (even a tiny bit goes a long way) or maybe some filters, auto-tune (<-- I know, I know, but it can sound great! [look at Daft Punk's "One More Time.". Anyhow, just suggestions and encouragement. The music sounds awesome! LOVE the funk! Love the jams, love the mix, synthesis etc. Keep it up, brozephs!

Teh funk!

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