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Save Time

Save Time

By Beware on Jan 21, 2010 8:38 am

I wrote this at a very low point in my life.  I'm not generally for the whole "express my feelings with music" pretentious bullshit, but this was how I managed to cope with what's been happening.  First NL 2.3 track and likely my only.  Enjoy!

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Yeah, I have slightly different feelings about the expression bit after this.  The problem I generally find is when music gets too caught up in "feelings" and such it becomes about those feelings and tell people about them instead of about the music and the sound, and that's no way to write.  Ends up sounding pompous and self-indulgent (especially when crappy lyrics are involved). XD

Making the instruments and generally messing with the sounds is my favorite part about 2.3.  I think that's why my 2.3 music is turning out as more sound-scape stuff instead of the usual prog wankery I hear in my head.

Hmm I don't think expressing emotion with music is pretentious. Nonetheless I dug this, I really like some of your instrument choices.

Outstanding, plain wonderful.


Very emotional. I really enjoyed this.

More NL2.3!

I also am usually not into that sort of "expression" thang, but I had a very low moment in my life and I made an album then, so I can understand. This is really good and I don't know about you, but in my case, making that music helped me get out of that low point smile

that was really really awesome.

EDIT!!! My only track for a WHILE with 2.3, not forever! XD

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