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Broken Dreams (1-bit)

By Brink on Mar 11, 2014 1:35 pm

This was intended to be an entry in the ZX Spectrum music compo at Forever 2014, but it looks like they only accept chiptunes so I decided to just upload it here instead. Made in Beepola with the Tritone beeper engine. Not recorded from real hardware sad

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Lovely stuff and thanks for the description of how you put this tune together. The key change works really well.

Best wall of text. Thank you

I'm glad that you seem to enjoy it, Scripterio smile My way of songwriting is a combination of happy accidents and stealing stuff from other musicians. This is pretty much how I wrote this song:

1. Heard some stuff I wanted to copy/steal/whatever (the most obvious being track 4 from this -

2. Decided upon a scale (D major)

3. Played around on my guitar and the computer until I found something that could work as a lead melody (0:07-0:19)

4. Added bass for 0:07-0:31 (if you think it sounds good - keep it, if not - change it)

5. Played around on my computer until I had a melody that would match the bass for 0:19-0:31. Got lazy and used some earlier patterns for 0:22-0:25 (but whatever, repition is used in music to establish hooks anyway)

6. For 0:56-1:09, I imported another melody I'd already written (see 3) and transposed it to match the key. While transposing I got the idea of keeping the original melody as a keychange at 1:09-1:14

7. Added more bass, structured the song

8. Added the chords/arpeggios (I use the notes from the bass lines as the root notes in the chords, and I get the chords from harmonizing the scale)

9. Added the intro

Keep in mind that this isn't the only way I write music. I'm also self taught, so I don't really know what I'm doing tongue I hope this wall of text was of any use to you smile

Still listening to your tune a week later.... I would love to know about your method. Do you start with a bass line and build up? Start with the lead and build down? Do i hear a key change?

Wow! Thanks a lot Donovan! You just made MY evening much better with that comment! big_smile

@Brink: PM :-)

hey there, new here. just signed up using my xbox 360 just to tell you that you tune is epic. I'm a big fan of chip/8-bit type music. And this one isjust up my ally... you made my evening much better, thanks!

Thanks Wheely! PM sent, xxl.

.bbsong please :-)

thats pretty awesome for one bit stuff. Sweet tune

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