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Hell Window

Hell Window

By Brother Android on Sep 21, 2013 5:57 am

Here's a song that I don't think will ever amount to anything more than exactly what it is right now. Originally supposed to be some kind of companion piece or b-side to Black Gate, but i guess we can't all have what it takes to be 10-minute epics.

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Well, quite another matter is that it deeply offends my sense of symmetry to have only two songs on something if one of them is 11 minutes long and the other is only 4 and a half.

Even if you consider this your ugly duckling opus, I think it would of fit well alongside the EP. Brilliant mood-setting at the start, leading into a familiar sense of anxiety and cosmic terror later in the track.

yeah, this track didn't ever quite satisfy me. I don't think it ever quite finds its apotheosis, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to help it do that, so here it is.

Hm, interesting. I'm definitely a fan of the bombastic percussion blasts, makes it into some kind of surreal march writ large to my ears. I felt like it was building to something more than what actually arrives, instead it unravels into PWM cosmic noise... but that's actually awesome once said out loud.

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