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Rrrrrunnnn and Guuunn ! [2a03-VGM] / Music / C-Lee-O's music / Rrrrrunnnn and Guuunn ! [2a03-VGM]

Rrrrrunnnn and Guuunn ! [2a03-VGM]

By C-Lee-O on Dec 31, 2015 5:33 am

Tried to emulate some Konami titles with this track.

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@iamsorz  :   i know what you mean, crescendos are difficult to make sometimes without compromising the output level.
thanks, appreciate your  point of view. Later.

This sounds so great, nice usage of the 2A03's limitations. I really enjoy the fast paced rhythm and hyperactive percussion, it's amazing. The only complaint I have is that areas of the track like at 0:21 (with the softer percussion and sustained square waves before going back into the heavier percussion) sound a little grating and overbearing to me. It has nothing to do with composition, it was fine in that aspect. It was just a little loud and needed to be mixed better in my opinion. It didn't hinder the track too much though, so an overall outstanding job to you, m8. Keep it up.

Thanks man, I 've just listened to Turok 2 for the GBC and the jungle stage, it's great, thanks for the reference , can't go wrong with Alberto Gonzalez

Definitely sounds Konami, with a nice mix of that rad Turok game for GBC.

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