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By Cartoon Bomb on Jan 10, 2012 5:21 am

Part 1 of a thing I am kind of excited about.  A few things need fixing but I'm digging it.

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Noice, love pretty much everything about this smile

Thanks guys!  Yeah, this will go through a few changes before it "fits" into this continuous mix I have going.  I plan to resample the whole thing into a larger project...

If I was to make any changes it would be that the bah-bah-bup-bah buzz in the middle is a little repetitive. The bassline is luuuuverly and I am going to take it to bed with me wink

Wow, I LOVE this. Totally adding to my flow-state-for-work-listening playlist. Sounds like the kind of thing you'd hear on KCRW!

Not terribly chiptunish but 's cool.

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