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The Wizard

The Wizard

By CastleNes on Jul 30, 2020 7:09 pm

This track is part of a soundtrack like album. Each track try to represent a character, and set the mood. There is no game yet, and I will probably give away this soundtrack to anyone making a game and in need of music. All I ask is a proof of motivation / reality of the project.

Tabletop role and paper adventures, good old games and fantasy books!

About "The wizard"
If you remember like me "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and this kind of wizard / sorcerer, you know well how magic can be dangerous - for the wizard himself, and his/her allies! Only those who master their art should be recruited for a quest...

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Yes, it was a Famitracker song, probably without extension. I exported channels separatly to pan them a little left/right and have a more stereo track. After 01:25, I used both pulse channel with the different ocatace if I remember, and (this is important) effect P82 on channel 1 / P7E on channel 2, to make a chorus like effect (I detunes both channel so they are complementary) 
Here is a 30 days link to get the famitracker file:
The arps are probably missing here, but they are simple stuff to do...
Have fun

PS: If you want more discussion etc, you can join BattleOfTheBits, chipmusic seems a bit dead, I will not come again I think

what program do you use to make these? Famitracker, like myself? i'd really like to know!

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