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How Cobra Got His Groove Back / Music / Chrome Cobra's music / How Cobra Got His Groove Back

How Cobra Got His Groove Back

By Chrome Cobra on Jan 13, 2017 6:25 pm

My first single. Recorded off an original DMG-01 running LSDJ.

Debut album out early February.

Chrome Cobra
Planet Zaxxon

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I think it deserved a proper scenery. I especially like how it begins with the view of industrial machines compressing garbage while the protagonist sways his way by unable to lay his eyes on anything around moving apparently in circles. And then things go nasty for real. I mean, is he followed by the security's dog or is he just convinced he is afraid? After running his stomach out in inconsistent steps for sure he would have to take a break to catch a bit of air, or water or drool or whatever. It seems that awareness gets back a bit? Oh god, it spins so badly, what is he even doing right now, or was it minutes ago. There are pictures between the blanks. What are we again?

That kind of thing made your movie excellent ! It's all in there !

That was a most fantastic description, and the fact that you mention Rubber aw yiss. Oizo is god.

This is dirty. Dirty in a bad way. Bad in a good way. Good in an evil way.
This is some good dirty-bad-evil track here. The soundtrack for a movie about a neurotic man sniffing epoxy glue trying to rob a bank with a sledgehammer, disguised as a Ninja-Turtle (the guy, the sledgehammer only has a ninja headband). Or the movie "Rubber", only it's called "Brick", and it is (deceivingly) about a killer Brick in a vertical way.

That kind of dirty-bad. And that's good.

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