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Adventures do not always End Happily / Music / Cityscape, Go!'s music / Adventures do not always End Happily

Adventures do not always End Happily

By Cityscape, Go! on Jan 25, 2011 11:29 pm

Part 2 of a 3 part series (Bedtime Stories EP). The series includes three different musical takes on what adventures actually are and how they can be misconstrued. Expect the first fighting scene I’ve ever composed. It was actually a lot of fun. Hooray for lo-fi piano samples. PS: I don’t recommend reading the story for the first time while listening to the song – though I have tried to time the lines, keeping up can be disorientating at first. Rather get a feel for the story then listen to the track while reading. Peace guys. (PSS: The experimental soundwalls were inspired by Falling For a Square).
(Beginning – 0:44) Setting out into green flickering fields and wood scented wind with just a backpack and her hand in his, they felt youth bloom inside of them. (0:44 – 1:13) Their side glanced smiles are shy with honest love. (1:13 – 1:57) During their traveling adventures they sometimes danced slowly to a toy music box the boy made for her when they were younger. They are terrible dancers and they laugh as they stumble over each other’s toes. (1:57 - 2:24) Campfires and bedtime tales erupt into the soft dark air, already saturated with laughter and body heat. (2:24 – 2:41)  However, this is not a happy story and out of the surrounding forest erupts a monster. At first the boy thinks: now he can show his love. He immediately leaps at the creature but it knocks him aside and quite simply, without warning or growl, it runs its long claws into the young girl who stood shocked for the faintest of seconds. (2:41 – 2:45) His heart beats become audible. (2:45 – 3:00) All that is or ever was becomes rage unlike he has ever felt before. He slays the monster brutally chopping off its head. (3:00 – 3:18) Breathing heavily he dashes over to the body that was his everything, that was his summer nights under a slow moon. There she was; lying at an odd angle dead beside a gnarled tree stump. Time loses its grip. He is numbed by the wild winds of those lost forest nights. (3:18 – 3:33) The next week is spent wandering back to the last place he felt at home. He hasn’t eaten since he lost her. (3:33 – 3:40) Slowly opening the front door of their once honey scented home his mouth goes dry and his eyes quietly expel what little liquid they have left. (3:40 – 4:09) It has become musty and cold in their absence. He places the half broken music box on top of an old dusty piano in the corner of the room, spins the little clockwork hand a few times anti clockwise, as if this would set back time, and lets the little box of memories engulf him like deep, deep water. (4:09 – End) He strikes notes on the old piano without looking down at the keys. The sound harrows him – the sound is him. Eventually he lies down on the cracked wooden floor, shaking. Sleep, or maybe something more, takes him away. And his pain… is gone.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Member has requested constructive criticism

I'm so glad you're up here. 8bc decided to die and given the message that pops up I don't think it's coming back. So I found this site. Seems to essentially offer the same things so... YAY!
I can't wait to see the third part of this series. I love the first two.

Hmmm, nice CC... Yeah I never really thought about that. Maybe I will extend the drop a little before releases the song properly. Haha, glad you like Dover Beach, there should be some similar songs coming up on my next release. Peace.

I was so stoked on the drop and then it just went away for the dramatic piano, and though the piano sounds awesome, the drop should have been alot longer. the whole song builds up to it and its over so soon.  It was a sick song none the less, i guess its hard to beet dover beach hahahaha keep it up man!

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