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By DBOYD on Apr 3, 2014 8:42 pm

some musical ideas in this piece were on my old cart that got corrupted before I could back it up. Anyway this is a demo that I premiered at a video gaming convention over the weekend, there are some musical things I will surely edit, but I like what I have so far.

lol experimentation.


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Nice piece! I felt like I was taken on a mini adventure from a classic RPG to a rocked out chip tune concert. I like a lot of the different effects like the percussive-drop-out-crescendo-arpeggios (that was a mouthful lol) at 1:23, detuned pulse channels around at 2:15, the careful handling of the melody with vibrato/slides, and also the way you unfold the piece/the way you handled the transitions. Techniques that I can definitely learn from. Something I would suggest that I think would make your tune even more tasty is to expand your harmonic language, like mode mixture, secondary dominants, etc. I like how your beginning intro chords plane downward. Planing to venture out into new harmonic areas works really well in my experience and all you would need to do is change the transposition of the phrases. Hope that was helpful smile

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